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Korean music Festival 2008

A community for the DBSG fanmeet for Korean Music
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LOCATION: Hollywood, CA
DATE: Saturday, May 17, 2008
TIME: 6:30PM-11PM
VENUE: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90078
PRICES: Please see seating chart.
TO PURCHASE TICKETS: Korea Times (LA): 323.692.2055 | 323.692.2068 | 323.692.2070

Brian (Fly To The Sky) | Ock Ju Hyun

Fly To The Sky | SG Wannabe
Super Junior T | Tae Jin Ah | Eru
Shin Joong Hyun | Yun Hyung Joo | Kim Se Hwan
Choi Baek Ho | Jung Hoon Hee | Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)
Sohn Ho Young | So Nyo Shi Dae (SNSD)

info from khype @ soompi
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